Music & Lyrics by Drew Gasparini
Book by Michael Kimmel

An American story that we know all too well in this digital age: a young star's meteoric rise to fame, followed by a fall that's just as fast. Every act, every note, and every decision analyzed, dissected and judged as millions deify and then crucify. It's a story of dance songs, crotch shots, little monsters, paparazzi, and meltdowns.  With a wicked sense of humor and a huge heap of heart, and featuring a score of blazing hot pop music that references the best of the day, #UNTITLEDPOPMUSICAL explores the machine of pop stardom – what it takes to navigate that byzantine world and how, ultimately, it can swallow you whole and spit you out. 

An early draft of #UNTITLEDPOPMUSICAL was presented in concert at Le Poisson Rouge in 2012.